Doula Dina

I believe pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are deeply transformative times in a person’s and couple’s life

I am there to support you with information, inspiration and emotional, practical and physical support every step of the way.  I whole heartedly believe in supporting every individual and family in whatever choice is right for them as well as doing my best to guide them to ask questions, seek for help and research any issues they encounter.  Every person that has given birth deserves to look back at their experience and feel that they were heard, valued and supported throughout the process no matter the outcome.  Birth is something that we cannot control however our perspective on things is within our power.  It truly takes a village to succeed in this journey into parenthood and I am honored to be a part of it.

Dina Maldonado,

A little about me

Hello!  My name is Dina and I am originally from Russia but have been living in San Francisco since I was 5 years old.  I am a mother to two girls (aged 3 & 5 years old) and realized my passion for supporting pregnant people upon having my first baby.  I have been an RN since 2011 and have worked as a visiting nurse, in community clinics doing primary care and as an advice nurse.  Four months after the birth of my first daughter I took a birth doula training which immersed me into the birth world and I never looked back.  In 2018, I enrolled in school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife which has been my goal since I realized my passion for birth work.  Being with people during pregnancy, birth and postpartum is truly a privilege and my goal is to have you leave your birth experience feeling empowered and excited to take on your new role as a parent as well as any other role that you may play in life.

I speak Spanish and Russian fluently as well as English.


Birth Doula Packages


Prenatal Visits

I meet you at your home or a mutually agreed upon location and get to know you and your partner/support person and any other significant people in your life.  We discuss your experience of pregnancy, preferences, fears related to birth and any issues or questions that come up.  We go over what to expect throughout labor and delivery, risks and benefits of any interventions to consider, coping technique during labor, breastfeeding basics and preparation for the postpartum period.  I am happy to give you referrals to any pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or parent support groups and am available call/text/e-mail to answer any questions or discuss any issue that may come up prior to birth.


Birth Support

 I will be on call from the 38th week of your pregnancy and will meet you at your home or hospital/birth center when you ask me to join you when during your labor.  I offer informational, physical and emotional support throughout the labor and birth process and can help with suggestion of position changes, massage, counter pressure, tools to use during your labor, breathing and relaxation techniques.  I will stay with you for 1-2 hours after you birth and help ensure you have what you need and are able to start the bonding process with your baby as soon as possible.




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Yoga Garden

The Business of Being Born


Heads Up


Why Not Home


These Are My Hours

Anna Goldfarb: 650-492-8278 (San Carlos)

Community Acupuncture Works

San Francisco Community


Nina Ng: 415-335-2283

Sally Abrams: 415-824-6216

Birthing from Within

Rachel Yellin: Yes to Birth

(Please ask me for a discount code for classes and the audio program)

PostPartum  Preparation: MomumentalSF with Serena Saeed-Winn

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Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

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Golden Gate Chiropractic Center   
Adrian Villalba

Scarlet Sage Herb Co

Chinese Medicine Works





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Classic: 3 prenatal visits, support during the duration of your labor and birthing process, 1-2 hours in the immediate postpartum to help preserve your golden hour and 1 postpartum visits preferably in the first 2 weeks: $1800 for my services. 

Premier: Up to 4 prenatal visits, support during the duration of your labor and birthing process, 1-2 hours in the immediate postpartum to help preserve your golden hour and 2 postpartum visits preferably in the first 2 weeks: $2000 for my services (note: 1 prenatal visit may be exchanged for a postpartum visit)

Postpartum Visit

I come to your home and help you to process your birth experience and help to ensure you are off to a good start with caring for yourself and your baby.  I fully support breast and/or bottle feeding and help you with any ideas, resources and help in finding what works best for your and your family.


Jessica X.

Dina encouraged me to have the confidence to have a natural birth and try for my best birth.  My family and I sincerely thank Dina! Thank her dedication to work ethic! Thank her for her kind and warm attitude towards patients and care!

Eliya S.

"Dina was a rock of stability and calm, helping to manage my wife's pain with massage, position changes, and other therapeutic help, all the while helping to advocate for us. We wanted a very evidence-based approach to our care, and as a nurse, Dina was completely on board with this, and very knowledgeable."

Yayoi Y.

Dina is so dedicated to what she does. When I were in labor, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t think of anything to comfort myself then she was there offering me things that might make me feel better that I just needed. She is very caring, kind and responsible person. She educated me so much with pregnancy that I couldn’t done it without her."


Cristina R.

Dina Maldonado is the best doula ever!  She is very skilled and knowledgeable, offers support and advice, is with you throughout the whole process.  More than a doula, she has become a member of our family.

Paola S.

Thank you so much Dina!  Seriously,
I don't know how to thank you for everything that you did for me. All those hours you were with me, the massages and above all the strength and moral support that you were able to give me in every moment.  We are eternally grateful for you.  Blessing to you for being the way you are. Big hugs.


GET IN TOUCH | (415) 823 - 9104

San Francisco, CA

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